Halloween Updates & New Halloween Quest!

16 10 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. When I logged into Planet Cazmo today, I was shocked and happy to find some new updates! Let’s start off with Jay Sean. Jay Sean pefromed so well last time in Planet Cazmo, that he is now having an encore performance! Here are the dates, and the location:

Next, there is a new Souleo Video added to the Souleo Videos section in the newspaper.

The next update has to do with Halloween features and decorations! The first one is a coffin. If you find a coffin in the Town Square, just click on it and you will go inside of it!

The next one is one of those boards that you put your neck in, and then a sword falls down; they used to used this in the oldern days to kill people.

Next, the Cazmo Rena is beautifully decorated for Halloween, and the arival of many other artists in the future!

Note: If any item is not visible, it is because I got it before taking the picture.

Next, there is a new Halloween Quest! To start it, go to the Bodyshop and talk to Eeegor.

planet cazmo halloween updates 2 october 16th 2009

The gift can be found at the Space Port.

The Plant can be found in the Playground.

The Party Hat can be found inside the Garage.

The Hat can be found in the Town Square.

And finally the Firework can be found in the outer area of the Body Shop.

If you followed this short guide correctly, you should have gotten all the items. Now go back and speak to Eeegor, and redeem your prize! As you and I are aware the prize is 200 coins! Not bad at all. Now lets move on with some other updates. There have been 3 new games added to Planet Cazmo. Here they are:

Make sure to click on the Game icon first! Unfortunately you don’t earn any money from playing these games, but the gemplay quality makes up for it. The games are awesome! Also, I noticed this Gift Box in outer are of the Body Shop. I got the little gift it had, but I thought it was only temporary. When I checked back after a while, I noticed it was still there. I now know that this gift is not temporary but permamnent, so make sure you get it!

Next, there are some new Halloween costumes you could buy! The easiest way of buying them, is buying first clicking on the Newspaper Icon. After you have clicked on this, the Newspaper should have come up. Now click on the Hot Deals section. In the Hot Deals section hover over the clothes you like, and click on them to buy them!

Finally, there is one new action, and this action allows you to throw a Pumpkin! Cool Eh?


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