Cazmo movie!

11 10 2009

Hey cazmos!

I hav decided to make a movie about planet cazmo and this is where u will apply!

I will need lots of people to join and they will be on u tube!

These are the things I will need to do it so just tell me wat one u wanna do and ill let u be in the production!!!

I will need:

1. A person who will come up with ideas and names

2. A person who will make a script

3. Charecters

If you wanna join this really good thing that has came to cazmo i will need ur email and ur username!

Thats it!

So gd luck and I hope you get in!!!

~PCAP Masjr~

pcap masjr seal

P.S. To join you will have to comment on MY site



4 responses

11 10 2009

i really wanna be in the movie

12 10 2009
coool guy

ok its

coool guy


16 10 2009

Hey, Masjr I’d like to join Email me your site plz and if I can find it I will coment on your blog and try out Email me at thanks!

23 03 2010

im oscar the couch cazmorocker23 is my other a count hhell be in da movie

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