Some Awesome Updates & Jay Sean!

9 10 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Some great updates came to Planet Cazmo today. Let me start off with Jay Sean. If youre a member, go to the CazRox Cafe and then to the VIP Backstage Area. There you will be able to get a free VIP Backstage Pass signed by Jay Sean!

After going inside the VIP Backstage Area, go ahead and speak to Jay.

Next, click on the option ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’

If you would like to see your VIP Backstage Pass which was siged by Jay Sean, first click on your Cazmo. This will open up your playercard. Now click on My CazBook.

Clicking on My CazBook, will open up your CazBook. Now, make sure you are on the category My Tickets’s; your id should be visible. If it’s not visible, click on the arrow pointing right; do so untill you find your pass.

Now lets move on to the new furniture that come out today. Well, if you would like to buy them or see them and you don’t know how to, here is a little guide: First click on the House Icon on your chatbar.

Next, click on the button decorate; make sure you are on the first category of houses though!

Now click on the ‘Shop Button’.

Finally, go to the Season tab and buy your self some spooky Halloween furniture!

Now lest move on to the new clothes that came out today! That’s right! If you would like to buy yourself some new clothes, then first click on the News Icon on your chatbar.

Now click on the Hot Deals section in your newspaper. This will open up the mini catalogue of the new clothes that came out today. Just hover over them, and click on them to buy them!

Also, today is the first day Jay Sean will be performing in Planet Cazmo! Here again are the concert timings:

This one is gonna be huge guys. Jay Sean’s hit song was performed with none other than rap star Lil Wayne! Make sure you see him perform!; he has great music, and you will get a free Jay Sean Concert Ticket added to your CazBook! Planet Cazmo made a video about his concert timings. Here it is:

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