Some Spooky Updates & Sean Kingston Concert Reminder!

2 10 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today when I was online, I was shocked and spooked to find some awesome updates! It was way more than I expected it to be! Let’s begin. First off all, there are some new clothes and hats you can buy. The easiest way of buying them, is by clicking on the Hot Deals section in your newspaper. Next, hover over the clothes you like and click on them to buy them! To buy the hats, just click on the button which says ‘Visit The Store’.

The next update gives you a little sneak peak of the upcoming concerts. It could be seen on the first page of the newspaper. Some artists that will be performing in Planet Cazmo soon include: Metro Station, Jay Sean, and Mario!

The final update, or should I say the main one for today, are the spooky decorations! I think they have to do something with Halloween. Here are some cool pictures of some of the decorations around Planet Cazmo, but to see the rest come online and see them yourself! They look awesome, and spooky.

Also, just to remind you again, today is the day for Sean Kingston’s Encore performance! Make sure you come to see him, because then you will get a free Sean Kingston Concert Ticket added to you CazBook!

planet cazmo cheats




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