Gift Tracker

27 09 2009

Hey guys its AC here is the first ever real working Planet Cazmo Gift Tracker Widget!!!!!!! This tracker is super accurate and almost always correct. Be sure to hit F5 every so often to refresh it! You may put this widget on your own site If youd like but please include a link to my site somewhere (Blogroll etc.) Make sure you check back here for the location! 

Get The Code DO NOT EDIT! (HTML):

<a href=”” target=”_self”><img title=”gifttracker” src=”” alt=”gifttracker” width=”169″ height=”118″ /></a><a title=”Tracker” href=”” target=”_self”></a>


1) The Gift usually will stay in one spot for 5 minutes at a time.

2) Gifts are most commonly found in the DownTown

3) Gifts are most commonly on Beatstreet and sometimes Funkitron

4) The Gifts recieved are random (Most common are green carpet and clothes)

5) Starting Search Parties makes Gift Tracker even more accurate!

6) The present is Blue with a Red Ribbon (See Picture on Tracker)

7) If you do find the gift click on it to recieve the item inside (Dosent always contain items)

8 ) The room the gift is in is usually very crowded

9) The Gift usually appears every 50 minutes or so and stays for 5-10 minutes

10) Gift may be on multiple servers at once

11) Check the comments for updates on the location of the gift and what it is(Please post a comment if you find it!)

12) Chat with other cazmos on my XAT chat for help with finding the Gift (see chatbox below)

13) Check my twitter for updates on the Gifts location ( so make sure you are following me!

If you have anymore questions or problems or if you have your own tips for finding the gift please comment here!





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