Cool New Updates

26 09 2009

Hey Guys,Planet Cazmo Updated With Some Great Updates!This Includes Hair In Your Inventory And You Can Change The colour Of It for Free Also Theres A New Map Icon And Much More!

hair inventory

tint hair button

New map icon

new clothes 25.9.09

new red vest new girl clothes 25.9.09

I Think The Hair Update Is My Favorite What About Your Favorite Update Today?

~Ambassador 7ronaldo27

Hair Update

26 09 2009

Wyse here so Jimbercrain didnt cover the GREAT hair update.
So with it u can
change the color of ur hair for free
buy another hair style and keep ur old one for use anytime.
This is such a great update for lets say u buy a cc hair. u want a different hair color, change it for free. u want another hair style. no worry u didnt waist ur cc cuz u can use it again for FREE!