Some Updates Sean Kingston’s Concerts Starting & How To Get The VIP Backstage Pass!

25 09 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Some cool updates came to Planet Cazmo today. The first one has to do with houses. Both in the Ambassador Houses section, and the Moderator Houses section, the number of houses available have been shortened. I find this very unfair, because Soccer, neo, and ShU Mai are not the only Ambassadors of Planet Cazmo, and derek, Jeff, oceanna, Qizzy, soniCron, and whitman are not the only moderators of Planet Cazmo. (This update could be seen by clicking on the House Icon on your chatbar, then on either the Ambassador button, or the Moderator Button.)

The next update has to do with the Map Icon on your chatbar. Now, the icon looks different.

Next, there are some new clothes that you can buy. The easiest way of buying them, is by clicking on the Newspaper then on Hot Deals. Finally, hover over any clothes you like and click on them to buy them.

Finally, Sean Kingston’s concerts will begin today. Make sure you see him at 7pm today! The show will go on to 12pm at night, and then start tomorrow again at 12am in the afternoon and end at 12pm at night. If you are really a big Sean Kingston fan, then go on to the VIP Backstage Area, and get your autograph from Sean Kingston! It’s easy, first go to the CazRox Cafe, and then to the VIP area.

Now, go ahead and talk to him. After talking to him just click on the option, ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’, and then you will get your VIP Backstage Pass signed by Sean Kingston! To view the pass, click on your the playercard then on CazBook and finally click on My Tickets. There you will find that the pass. (If you don’t see it, just click on the right arrow at the bottom.)

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