Gift Tracker

27 09 2009

Hey guys its AC here is the first ever real working Planet Cazmo Gift Tracker Widget!!!!!!! This tracker is super accurate and almost always correct. Be sure to hit F5 every so often to refresh it! You may put this widget on your own site If youd like but please include a link to my site somewhere (Blogroll etc.) Make sure you check back here for the location! 

Get The Code DO NOT EDIT! (HTML):

<a href=”” target=”_self”><img title=”gifttracker” src=”” alt=”gifttracker” width=”169″ height=”118″ /></a><a title=”Tracker” href=”” target=”_self”></a>


1) The Gift usually will stay in one spot for 5 minutes at a time.

2) Gifts are most commonly found in the DownTown

3) Gifts are most commonly on Beatstreet and sometimes Funkitron

4) The Gifts recieved are random (Most common are green carpet and clothes)

5) Starting Search Parties makes Gift Tracker even more accurate!

6) The present is Blue with a Red Ribbon (See Picture on Tracker)

7) If you do find the gift click on it to recieve the item inside (Dosent always contain items)

8 ) The room the gift is in is usually very crowded

9) The Gift usually appears every 50 minutes or so and stays for 5-10 minutes

10) Gift may be on multiple servers at once

11) Check the comments for updates on the location of the gift and what it is(Please post a comment if you find it!)

12) Chat with other cazmos on my XAT chat for help with finding the Gift (see chatbox below)

13) Check my twitter for updates on the Gifts location ( so make sure you are following me!

If you have anymore questions or problems or if you have your own tips for finding the gift please comment here!



New Video

27 09 2009

Hey guys its tape. My new buddy list video up. Here is the link

Also today some cool cazmos came on cazmo here are some pics.

cool pc

Souleo and oscar the couch were on. Also I recieved this weird message I have never seen before when I tried to talk

weird pc message

It ended on a good note though because souleo is now my buddy.

souleo add

Thats all for now

~ambassador tape

Cool New Updates

26 09 2009

Hey Guys,Planet Cazmo Updated With Some Great Updates!This Includes Hair In Your Inventory And You Can Change The colour Of It for Free Also Theres A New Map Icon And Much More!

hair inventory

tint hair button

New map icon

new clothes 25.9.09

new red vest new girl clothes 25.9.09

I Think The Hair Update Is My Favorite What About Your Favorite Update Today?

~Ambassador 7ronaldo27

Hair Update

26 09 2009

Wyse here so Jimbercrain didnt cover the GREAT hair update.
So with it u can
change the color of ur hair for free
buy another hair style and keep ur old one for use anytime.
This is such a great update for lets say u buy a cc hair. u want a different hair color, change it for free. u want another hair style. no worry u didnt waist ur cc cuz u can use it again for FREE!


Some Updates Sean Kingston’s Concerts Starting & How To Get The VIP Backstage Pass!

25 09 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Some cool updates came to Planet Cazmo today. The first one has to do with houses. Both in the Ambassador Houses section, and the Moderator Houses section, the number of houses available have been shortened. I find this very unfair, because Soccer, neo, and ShU Mai are not the only Ambassadors of Planet Cazmo, and derek, Jeff, oceanna, Qizzy, soniCron, and whitman are not the only moderators of Planet Cazmo. (This update could be seen by clicking on the House Icon on your chatbar, then on either the Ambassador button, or the Moderator Button.)

The next update has to do with the Map Icon on your chatbar. Now, the icon looks different.

Next, there are some new clothes that you can buy. The easiest way of buying them, is by clicking on the Newspaper then on Hot Deals. Finally, hover over any clothes you like and click on them to buy them.

Finally, Sean Kingston’s concerts will begin today. Make sure you see him at 7pm today! The show will go on to 12pm at night, and then start tomorrow again at 12am in the afternoon and end at 12pm at night. If you are really a big Sean Kingston fan, then go on to the VIP Backstage Area, and get your autograph from Sean Kingston! It’s easy, first go to the CazRox Cafe, and then to the VIP area.

Now, go ahead and talk to him. After talking to him just click on the option, ‘Can I Have Your Autograph?’, and then you will get your VIP Backstage Pass signed by Sean Kingston! To view the pass, click on your the playercard then on CazBook and finally click on My Tickets. There you will find that the pass. (If you don’t see it, just click on the right arrow at the bottom.)

planet cazmo cheats


I’m Bak!

24 09 2009

Hey ppl. So I havent posted in like a year but I got a a BIG anouncment! I am back to pc! So i emailed pc and I promised not to break any rules again so now I’m bak! Ive cleaned up my act and I also have a pc. it is
its still under construction so hold ur nitro. for those who remember my old site this would be WAYYYYY better. I have some great things most of u don’t know about.

Wyse Out

Sean Kingston Concerts Reminder!

22 09 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I just want to remind you that Sean Kingston’s concerts are this week. Make sure you come, because then you will get a free Sean Kingston Concert Ticket added to your CazBook! Here are the concerts deatails:

planet cazmo cheats


New Cazmo Of The Week!

21 09 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There is a new Cazmo Of The Week, and his name is waffels1! Congratulations waffles!

planet cazmo cheats


Sean Kingston Concerts Location!

20 09 2009

Update: I forgot to state Sean Kingston’s concert location in this post yesterday. What can I do I am only human :wink:. Anyways, here it is:

Make sure you go to his concert, because if you do you will get a free Sean Kingston Concert Ticket added to your CazBook!

planet cazmo cheats


New Updates

19 09 2009

Hey Cazmos,Planet Cazmo Updated And Brung Back Some Old Clothes For Girls And Boys :) Pics Below!

For The Mimo Quest Guide Click Here

limited 8 ball a d jumper

limited baggy shorts

new girl clothes fashion pink

new g irl clothes

new hot deals 18.9.09

Also The Mimo Quest Is Back And Free Gifts Are Back Which Are Both Cool So Be On The Look Out For Boxes And Click On Them To Get A Free Gift

mimo quest again..

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27