Cool names

29 08 2009

Hey guys its tape. I am going to have another contest in the near future. It will to do with my new youtube series i am starting and new page on my blog []. Cool Planet Cazmo Names. If I see you on pc with a very cool name you could make the video or be displayed on the site. I have already found a few people. But the contest will have to do with that. So start thinking fo some names or finding old accounts with them because the contest will start tomorrow. There will be cool prizes.

~ tape [also check out my youtube for more details and videos]

Me day!

29 08 2009

Hi guys!

Im gonna hav a party!

On Monday and at 3:00 am P.C.T you can dress up as me and arrive at my house where we will dance and boogie!

The fun bit is the girls can dress up as me to! LOL

Just in case you dont know me i look like this:


Copy that and your good! If you dnt hav all the stuff try to look like me still!