A Small Update!

11 08 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I found such a little update today, that you don’t even have to read this post if you don’t want to. The update is that there is now a banner on the Log-In Page about Jessie James. Just a reminder the Jessie James concert is this weekend!


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Me and Souleo planned a Planet Cazmo party!

11 08 2009

Hey cazmos!!! Im VERY excited today!!! Souleo was on and he added a bunch of people!! And we had a little conversation over txt!


~Neeko~ Hey Souleo, I kno u dont kno me or anything and Im just 13 yrs old but I hope we can be good frendz


His response:










~Neeko~ Lolz a lot of famous people say that to everyone but ill take it say, what if I planned you a Planet Cazmo party? do u think u would come?


His response:

souleo 2









~Neeko~ Thats great! You gimme the details for our party and ill spread the word about it! Btw Are u coming to the Jessie James concert? Shes HOT


His response:

souleo 3












So these are the details for our party!!!

Date: August 28th

Time: 6:00-7:00 Planet Cazmo time It will start at 6:oo PC time but he might be late

where: Club Cazmo

server: Beatstreet

Why: For Souleo of course!


Also I need a favor, Can someone take pics and videos cuz I cant take pics anymore or videos and soleo wants pics and vids Lmao ill also give u guys credit thx!!



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