3 08 2009

Heyaz Cazmos!

I am gonna make a club up on my site ( and you hav to answer 3 questions hav the glamma glasses, the black baggies, and the purple zip hoodie and be either a cadet a planeteer or an ambassador! Finally you must hav a spaceship as the location is in space!

Here are the details:

Server: Bambatta

Where: Blue space

When: Wednesday (In england) and 12.45 p.c.t to 1.15 p.c.t

This is what you get:

1. Special monthly emails

2. Chances to work on eachothers site

3. How to get a wordpress presentation from me if you dont hav one (It will be on txt)

What we do:

1. Play games

2. Gossip

3. Make vids for youtube!

Here are the questions

1. True or false, Beta Josh is now an ambassador?

2. True or false, I haveover 500 hits on my site?

3. True or false, wen not on sale how much cc r the neo glasses

Good luck plz comment




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