New Mv

31 07 2009

Hey guys its tape. I have a new music video. Check out my channel to get to it. Heres the link:

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Some More Updates!

31 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today I logged onto Planet Cazmo, and I was surprised to find some more updates! Let me start off with the header. Well, there is now a header in the Planet Cazmo Log-In Page.

I hope you read the picture above! I mean isn’t that great? If I were you, I would take the surveys! .Now this news maybe late, but now you could buy a Mimo Deck in the SkateShop.

Also, there is a Leaderboard sign in the Aphitheater. It shows the leaders of Vote-A-Rama!

Finally, there are some new posters in the Art & Posters Shop. Sorry for posting some of the news late guys. I am really busy these days, and I will try my best to post everything as soon as possible.

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