OPCCC is back and needs you!

29 07 2009

Fellow OPCCC members:

As you know, we are coming back. However we are in the process of remodeling, cazmocadets.com will not be available for a few days. Now we are working on a massive outside project so we need a few managers and one head manager to run OPCCC while we are busy. The managers must be active, and must agree to our rules. If the manager is not active they will be removed from their position without notice. Keep this in mind, for those of you who are thinking they want to be a manager just for the power. You must reach all qualifications and expectations.

-You must be active.
-You must be good with rule breakers.
-You must be a good leader.
-You must not abuse power.
-You must follow our rules.
-You must be willing to do what we ask.
-You must be honest and trustworthy.
-You must agree to all other rules and expectations we may have.

The manager will also get an @cazmocadets.com email address. If you are interested in this position (Head Manager & Managers) or have questions please respond to this email or send a message to admin@cazmocadets.com. The manager will also get an @cazmocadets.com email address.


OPCCC Administration



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