New Zibs And Lyoyd Quest

22 07 2009

Hey Cazmos,Cazmo Has Updates Again,These Updates Are New Quest,New Concert And New Change Your Name.

Just Follow These Steps To Complete The Newest Quest On Cazmo!!!

Step 1 Talk To Mama Caz….Talk To Zibs

Step 2 FInd Banna Which Is Outside Of The Bodyshop!

Step 3 Find The Cup Which Is At The Splat Hut WHich Is At The Beach

Step 4  FInd The Apple Which Is At The Town Square Near The Top RIght Hand Corner Tree

Step 5 Find The Balloons At Club Cazmo Near The dj

Step 6 FInd The Laptop Which Is At The Space Port!

Step 7Go Back To Zibs And Talk To Them

Step 8 Bush 1 At The Playground

Step 9 Bush 2 At the Outside Of The Garage

Step 10 Bush 3 Statue Island

Step 11 Talk To The Zibs And Get Your Prize Which Is A Cool Jacket

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27



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