Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

22 07 2009


Planet Cazmo Lloyd Quest Guide

(Yes This is The NEW Quest)


To Start the quest, you must go to the down town area, and then to the mall. 

Next You Have to Talk to Mama Caz, and ask her to see the zibs.



Then Once you are inside, talk to the Zib with the donuts to start the quest.



After You talk to the zibs, you have to find some items.




The Cup is at the Beach in the bottom left hand corner of the beach map.



The Computer is at the Space Port



The Balloons are at the Cazmo Club



The Banana is at the outside part of the Body Shop



The Apple is at the Town Square ( Near the Info Booth)



Once You Find All The Items, go back to the Zibs head quarters. (Mama Caz’s Mall)


When you are done talking with the Zibs and Lloyd, you have to find three more items.



The First Spying Device is at the Garage

( It is located outside the garage and passed the bridge)



The Second Spying Device is located at the Playground



The Final Spying Device is Located at The Statue Island ( The Right Corner of the beach map)



When You Find the 3 spying devices, head back to the zibs headquarters

Talk to The Zibs and You will recieve the Spy Jacket and 200 coins.



You Finished the Quest!




-Ambassador Soccer










New Zibs And Lyoyd Quest

22 07 2009

Hey Cazmos,Cazmo Has Updates Again,These Updates Are New Quest,New Concert And New Change Your Name.

Just Follow These Steps To Complete The Newest Quest On Cazmo!!!

Step 1 Talk To Mama Caz….Talk To Zibs

Step 2 FInd Banna Which Is Outside Of The Bodyshop!

Step 3 Find The Cup Which Is At The Splat Hut WHich Is At The Beach

Step 4  FInd The Apple Which Is At The Town Square Near The Top RIght Hand Corner Tree

Step 5 Find The Balloons At Club Cazmo Near The dj

Step 6 FInd The Laptop Which Is At The Space Port!

Step 7Go Back To Zibs And Talk To Them

Step 8 Bush 1 At The Playground

Step 9 Bush 2 At the Outside Of The Garage

Step 10 Bush 3 Statue Island

Step 11 Talk To The Zibs And Get Your Prize Which Is A Cool Jacket

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

Jordin Sparks this weekend in planetcazmo!

22 07 2009

Hello guys,

After Soulja Boy perfomance now we have a new concert this weekend on Friday with the famous singer Jordin Sparks. I think and its time for girls to see their favourite singers in the game…Here is an ivnitation and more info about the date & time:


Tell abot this concert to all of your friends so you can help to increase the traffic of planetcazmo and more players to join the game. Spread the World 🙄

For the contest i am having for the 100 cazmo cash see the post above this…and Good luck!

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

~Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร –