A new CP site!

20 07 2009

Hey cazmos! I kno we are not CP people but we’re rly doing this to get more hits and popularity so me RCD and Soccer are starting a CP site called the Club Penguin Triples! heres the link it needs viewers so plz comment and view the site! its currently under construction though so it dosent look so nice. thx XD




(Ambassador) Neeko 24 <—Summer ‘09

New Cazmo Of The Week & Another Matter…

20 07 2009

Update: I have just found out that Jordis Sparks will be performing in the Beach this weekend, not the Caz Rox Cafe. Here is location she will be performing in the Beach:

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. First off all, there is a new Cazmo Of The Week, and her name is 09SUMMER09 Congratulations Summer!

Also, I was on PC today, and I heard that Mimo wants Admin Twin banned or else he won’t advertise PC anymore. I really think that is stupid of him, and cheap of PC if they do bann Admin. When does Mimo even advertise PC these days? In times like this I feel like quiting, but I don’t since I will break the hearts of many innocent fans of mine. From now on, I am playing PC only for you all. I mean you are the only thing that is keeping me going, and I will do my job on this site till I can. I AM NOT PLAYING FOR PC BUT FOR YOU ALL.


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