Kool updates…sorta..

18 07 2009

Hey cazmos! There are some rly awesome updates!!!! First, the Solja Boy clothes FINALLY came out after like, weeks of waiting lolz! Also some new Mimo items (BLECHHH)



The Mimo items are kind of a ripoff…50 cc for a surfboard!? lolz anyways the font on the cazbook has changed


There is also a new Non-playing character in the cazrox cafe!!


Lolz sry for posting late I was kinda busy yesterday

 P.S. I borrowed these pics from Jimbercane since Im using a different computer (http://jimbercane.wordpress.com



(Ambassador) Neeko 24 <—Summer ‘09

Soulja Boy Planet Cazmo Concert

18 07 2009


Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

The New Soulja Boy Concert Started Yesterday.

For a Soulja Boy Concert is was all right, and I like concerts no matter who is performing.

Here’s a video I made of the concert:

Soulja Boy Planet Cazmo Concert Video:


I’ll also make a video of the first two songs later!



Ambassador Soccer