Soulja Boy Concerts & Stuff Plus Much Much More!

17 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I was just on PC, and realized that Soulja Boy is now performing! Make sure to go to the concert, because then you will get a special Soulja Boy ticket! (The concerts happen in the Caz Rox Cafe) Also, there is some cool new Soulja Boy clothes that you could buy. To buy these cool clothes, just go to the Hot Deals section in your Newspaper, and select an item!

Also if you didn’t notice, the font on the sections in your CazBook has changed!

Finally, there is this NPC in the Caz Rox Cafe where Soulja Boy is performing. He sells you some cool merchandise

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PC Is Upgrading!

17 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I just logged onto Planet Cazmo, and this is the message I got:

I can’t wait to find out what the updates will be!

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Soulja Boy Concert, Jordin Sparks, and new membership stuffz!

17 07 2009

Hey cazmos! I just received the newsletter from Planet Cazmo and there are really awesome things coming to Planet Cazmo!!!

First, as all of you know,  Soulja Boy is gonna perform tonight!







If u miss tonight’s concert dont worry about it cuz he’s gonna perform on saturday also! WOOOHOOO!


Oh and also, Jordin Sparks is coming NEXT WEEKEND!






Lastly, there is something new to the whole membership thing! If you get a 6 month membership, you get a free, rare, single engine, jetpack! AWESOME! And if you get a 12 month membership you receive the EXTREMELY rare Kau-kau bear!







(Ambassador) Neeko 24 <—Summer ‘09

My contest!!!

17 07 2009


Ive gt a rly good contest wat im gonna do.

This is wat u do to win:

I’m havin a party where I will give random gifts to ppl. If it comes up sayin gift from masjr or sumin like that it means u have won sumin and u will be mensioned in my site.

What do u get?

U will get random things!!! Just go to masjrs house and u may win!