Micheal Jackson Tribute!

2 07 2009

Hey Cazmoz!!!

Whats it now, about 3 days since Micheal Jackson died. Now, I had a brainwave which would let him RIP knowing the best thing ever (cazmo, you nitwit) has done a tribute. So, heres the plan. Im gonna put a poll on all the pc sites I work on asking which song we should do. Then once the songs been chosen. Ill get some cazmoz and make a music video. A tribute to the King Of Pop. From the kings Of the ethernet. Clever, ey?! Heres the song poll:-

The songs….

  • Thriller
  • Billie Jean
  • Don’t stop till ya Get enough
  • Other (Please state)

PleaseĀ  comment on http://theplanetcazmogang.wordpress.com/


Spread the moonwalk…