New Mv

31 07 2009

Hey guys its tape. I have a new music video. Check out my channel to get to it. Heres the link:

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Some More Updates!

31 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Today I logged onto Planet Cazmo, and I was surprised to find some more updates! Let me start off with the header. Well, there is now a header in the Planet Cazmo Log-In Page.

I hope you read the picture above! I mean isn’t that great? If I were you, I would take the surveys! .Now this news maybe late, but now you could buy a Mimo Deck in the SkateShop.

Also, there is a Leaderboard sign in the Aphitheater. It shows the leaders of Vote-A-Rama!

Finally, there are some new posters in the Art & Posters Shop. Sorry for posting some of the news late guys. I am really busy these days, and I will try my best to post everything as soon as possible.

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Super cool updates! (And info on my cc contest!)

30 07 2009

Hey cazmos! There are some sweet updates today! Well 1st of all there are new clothes!

New Clothes


Oh and there new hair items!

New Clothes


There is also a SWEET mod gift (I didnt get the last mod gift)

Mod Gift


Oh and if u buy cc in August and September u will be elegible to win…(drumroll)….A NINTENDO WII! how great is Pc?


One more thing, Jordin Sparks house is now on Star Houses!


Lolz well those are all of the updates! Oh wait, I forgot there are a LOT of new eyes! My favorite are the cat-looking eyes! wat about yours? I might be having a poll on changing my cazmo look but thats later on when I beg to my parents for cc on august or september ;)



3:00 P.M EST or Planet Cazmo Time

2:00 P.M. CST

1:00 P.M. MST

and 12:00 P.M. WST <==I think its WST?




(Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer ‘09

PS credit to Jimbercane and Beta Omer for using their pics

PS credit to Beta Omer and Jimbercane for using their pics

All Of The Updates!

30 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. As you saw in the previous post, I mentioned that Planet Cazmo was upgrading. Well now the updates are done, and are here! First off you could buy some new clothes, hair styles, and eyes! (The eyes are available in the BodyShop.)

Next, Jessy James will be performing in Planet Cazmo next month! Isn’t that just awesome?!

Next, you could now visit Jordin Spark’s house. To visit her house, just click on CazmoWood on your map, then on Jordin Sparks.

Finally, there is a Win A Wii contest happening in Planet Cazmo! Look at the picture below for details!

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Planet Cazmo Is Upgrading!

30 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I have some great news for you all. I just logged onto Planet Cazmo, and this was the message that I got:

Can’t wait to find out what the updates will be!

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OPCCC is back and needs you!

29 07 2009

Fellow OPCCC members:

As you know, we are coming back. However we are in the process of remodeling, will not be available for a few days. Now we are working on a massive outside project so we need a few managers and one head manager to run OPCCC while we are busy. The managers must be active, and must agree to our rules. If the manager is not active they will be removed from their position without notice. Keep this in mind, for those of you who are thinking they want to be a manager just for the power. You must reach all qualifications and expectations.

-You must be active.
-You must be good with rule breakers.
-You must be a good leader.
-You must not abuse power.
-You must follow our rules.
-You must be willing to do what we ask.
-You must be honest and trustworthy.
-You must agree to all other rules and expectations we may have.

The manager will also get an email address. If you are interested in this position (Head Manager & Managers) or have questions please respond to this email or send a message to The manager will also get an email address.


OPCCC Administration

Virtual Chat Games Olympics!

29 07 2009

Hey cazmos! Im am having a cc contest on my chat!!!! Its gonna be sooo much fun! there will be games like guess that cazmo, and hide ‘n’ seek! It will be really kool! Oh ya, and its TODAY! It will start at 3:00 EST or Planet Cazmo Time! Be there and u could be elegible for 30 cc!!! It will be a lot of fun!



(Ambassador) Neeko 24 8) <—Summer ‘09

New Accesories & 2 Other Cool Features!

28 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Before you read any further, I would like to apologize for posting this a bit late. The news though, is that there are some new accesories, and 2 cool updates! Let’s begin with the clothes.

The first one is called the Orange Vest.

The next one is called Purple Fuzzy. This one is a pair of shoes.

The next one is called the Yellow Cargo.

The items you have read about so far, are all available in the Clothing Shop. Next, there are 3 new surfboards! The first one is called The Seagull.

The next one is called the Turtle Tail.

And the final one is called the Mimo Surfboard.

Now lets move on to the cool features I mentioned in the title. The first one is that you could now change your Cazmo’s name! Click here to do so!

Finally, you could now change your pet’s name too! Here is a little picture tutorial on how to do so:

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Planet Cazmo Donates To The Arbor Day Foundation & New Cazmo Of The Week!

27 07 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I have some great news for you all. PLANET CAZMO HAS DONATED TO THE ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION!!! How generous is that? I am really happy to hear this. I found out about this when I was looking at the newsapaper. (It was on the first page.)

Also, there is a new Cazmo Of The Week, and her name is qwetryuoipo! Congratulations qwerty!

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Mine and rons site!!!

27 07 2009

Me and 7ronaldo27 hav made a rockin new site which we would like ppl to look at!

If u hav time look at he site which is: for loads of intetainment and latest news


P.S The next post I will do will be verrrrrrry long!!!