A New Item & Swings In Sunset Island!

12 06 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. Ronaldo forgot to mention in the previous post, about one more new item in the Clothing Shop, and it’s name is the Brown Cutoff.

Also, there is now a swing in Sunset Island.


Did you know Beta Omer was the first to post about this news?

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Spiros Modified Cars and Happy Holidays!

12 06 2009

Hey Cazmonians!

Sup everyone?

TODAY SCHOOL IS OVER and i wish to everyone happy summer holidays with this picture below:

0020007_17 This seems that holidays came and tomorrow i am going to the beach! YAY , HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

Also today i turned a collection of modified cars pictures to a video, and is called….Spiros Modified Cars. It’s my first video with cars but i tried a lot to make it as good as i can, and i think the music i put is very nice for this video.ECS(Enjoy Comment Subscribe)

I hope you like it, but if not dont worry another kind of video is coming and the contest i promised you is near and maybe this time with quessing pictures to win…Oh and the following sign is not new, i got it a long time ago from a site that you making animations and i copied it from my spirosweb.tk site(visit my other site too it has good things to see!)