My Own Personal Site

6 06 2009

Hey Guys, AeJesz Here…

And I wanted to tell you about my site. I made my own personal blog/site like a week ago… or two. Is about Random Things, One day I write about YouTube, and the next day I write about a Famous Singer, lol.

So yeah, My site is : or

Lloyd The Wandering Alien!

6 06 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. As most of you all know, there is an alien called Lloyd wandering around Planet Cazmo. From the knowledge that I currently have, it seems that he comes to the beach party once a while, and if your nice to him he gives you a gift!

So far I haven’t found him, but I hope to. Good luck searching! By the way Beta Omer was the first to post this news.

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