I think Some One has Hacked Me!

19 05 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

Some one I think has gotten into my account!

Sound Familiar?


So far, they haven’t done much, except comment 15o times on www.richcooldude.wordpress.com

I know it wasn’t me, because I have not gone to that site in a while.

Also, half the comments were made May 17th, and I never logged in that day!


So beware and be on the lookout for hackers. Check your accounts everyday. Update your passwords often and make them challenging.


I was just checking my account before I finished some homework, so I was lucky to catch this.

Also, I work on that site, and I checked the Ip address and it’s not mine!



-Ambassador Soccer





7 responses

19 05 2009
Ambassador Richcooldude

Woah! That person commented on my site like kewl site and stuff like that!

20 05 2009

Can you gives us their IP?

20 05 2009
Ambassador 7ronaldo27

Soccer Have U Told WordPress?

21 05 2009

Wow….Im sorry for that. 😦

21 05 2009

this is what i always say about most hackers.. they dont have their own lives so they have to meddle into the lives of others

22 05 2009

Hey i got hacked my pass is so hard ot even “the worlds best passwrd gesser “could know it so i was thinking we would be more aware of hackers ,and ppl who have been hacked may recive 100 cazmo cash to make up for it 🙂 whos with me!????!!!!!…XOXOlexie33XOXOX be sure to be on the look out for me and my friends beary lots of luv lexie33 x….;)

26 07 2009

I know what happened. you didnt log out of facebook. and theres someone who hacked into that network and hacked into mine because i didn’t log out.

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