Soulja Boy Crap is everywhere!!!!!!!

19 05 2009

Well I had found a youtube vid from soulja boy and is was planet cazmo edited for him by planet cazmo YES U READ IT RIGHT PLANET CAZMO EDITED THE GAME JUST FOR STUPID SOULJA BOY! for more of the story with pics and all that go to

Wyse Chips

I think Some One has Hacked Me!

19 05 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

Some one I think has gotten into my account!

Sound Familiar?


So far, they haven’t done much, except comment 15o times on

I know it wasn’t me, because I have not gone to that site in a while.

Also, half the comments were made May 17th, and I never logged in that day!


So beware and be on the lookout for hackers. Check your accounts everyday. Update your passwords often and make them challenging.


I was just checking my account before I finished some homework, so I was lucky to catch this.

Also, I work on that site, and I checked the Ip address and it’s not mine!



-Ambassador Soccer