Soulja Boy Tile

7 05 2009

Just a follow up on the previous post, thanks Soccer. I really feel happy that your appreciating my and a couple of others work on this blog. 🙂

I noticed this weird but cool thing in PC. I have alot to tell so let’s get started. When you first log on to Planet Cazmo, you will see a What’s Cool button. On it, there will be a button called Soulja Boy’s Tile. Click on it, and you will go to a new room!

This is definetly cool, but I have a reason of why it is weird also. You see, when you go into the room, your in the room that’s it. You can’t visit it from a location on the map, and when you try to look for the Soulja Boy button on the What’s Cool button, you won’t find it!

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New Authors Needed

7 05 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

I know right now I can barely ever get on planet cazmo, but this month I have no time to even get on my computer.

I’m going to be having lots of testing and homework,

so I don”t have time to post at all.


Right now I have a few great authors who have been posting:

Great Job Jimbercane, Wyse, and Richcooldude!


Author Spots

If You would like to be an author on this site, please comment below answering the questions:


Questions / Guidelines

1. What is your site if you have one, or what sites have you worked on.

2. You must have a wordpress account already and be familar with wordpress.

3. You must be able to log on to planet cazmo on Friday’s and post updates if they have not been posted by anyone yet.


I will most likely pick an ambassador first, since they have worked hard on there sites.


So good luck everyone.


Expect me to be on WAYYYY more in the summer.

I’ll be on pc alot more, but not all the time!



Ambassador Soccer