Planet Cazmo Earth Day Cheats

21 04 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

Earth Day has come to planet cazmo.

First, There’s a new newspaper with Earth Day Things in It!



Next, you can buy a new tree for earth day for your yard, and part of your purchase goes to the Arbor Day Foundation!


Third, if you pick up trash around planet cazmo, you earn a few coins!

Here are two locations:





Finally, here are what some of the decorations look like!



Thats all for now!

I’ll keep you updated on upcoming cazmo concerts, rooms, parties, and more!



-Ambassador Soccer



2 responses

23 04 2009

PLz can u tel me how to be an ambasador plz reply on

23 04 2009

hey soccer!
its monica
i was talking to dan (gamerz) earlier and he said that someone was messing with your site hits? the same thing happend to me, someone mustve hacked the site and changed the hits like thexoxos. i was wondering if you knew how to get them back?? you can talk to me on aim, or if you have msn im:
thanks =)

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