Back and working on New Design

18 04 2009

SOCCER’S EDIT: I am currently updating pages. Also, I tryed a bunch of different themes, but none of them seemed to look good. It’s either this theme, connections, freshy, the old theme, or 2 others. It’s hard to decide!

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I’m back from vacation, and I had a great time.


Anyway, like I said before I went away, I was going to work on a*NEW* Design.

For now, I’m trying Connections because it is fairly organized and the pages are pretty easy to find. 

I am working on trying a few other themes, but until then this is the best.



-Ambassador Soccer



3 responses

19 04 2009

welcome back dude 🙂

Also I changed my other site theme and css design too , it worth a watch ===>
SOCCER: Thanks and Nice new css design, looks great!

20 04 2009
GaNgStEr #1 \/\/y$e-Ch!p$

I like this theme, welcome home soccer.
SOCCER: Thanks wyse and thanks for welcoming me back!

20 04 2009
7 ronaldo27

Nice Site And A Nice New Theme Aswell..
>>>Ambassador 7 ronaldo27
SOCCER: Thanks Ronaldo

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