New Cazmo Of The Week & Updates?

6 04 2009

There is a new Cazmo Of The Week, and his name is Arnar1 Congratulations Arnar!

Also, when I first tried to log onto Planet cazmo, I saw this message:

The only problem is, I didn’t notice any updates! If you have seen any updates in Planet Cazmo, and they are not in this post, it would be nice if you could comment saying what they are. I will give you credit.

planet cazmo cheats




4 responses

6 04 2009

Hey this is my account.Whoo!

6 04 2009

There is none planetcazmo were fixing somethin
~ambssador tomatoe95
PS i love ur site its great i was wonderimn could i workon it? email me @

7 04 2009

Zab said it was technical. He also said mods are afraid of me a little

7 04 2009

it was my friends hallowen party that he pland yesterday

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