Planet Cazmo Update Cheats

4 04 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

The Updates came.

First of all, there’s a new planet cazmo newspaper



There’s now a new planet cazmo quiz game called Vote-O-Rama.

When I took it, I got “would you rather questions.”

I though some of them were really clever.


1. Answer the 5 questions.

2. Pick a percentage that you is closet to the real amount of people that picked an answer.








The Questions I were about to sumbit, but it messed up and logged me out 😦  It must be a glitch.






As the cazmo newspaper says, the Cazmo NBA Gear is coming next week.

The Gear Includes:



and More!

Thats all I found.

More things coming out in Planet Cazmo Next Friday!


Comment your favorite questions in the quiz,

and any questions you think would be good for the quiz!



Ambassador Soccer



12 responses

4 04 2009

For Question #1… I would rathe get hit in the face with a soccer ball… xD it’s not the first time.

4 04 2009

Do you hate clubpenguin soccer

4 04 2009
Ambasador Soccer

no i just don’t like it anymore since disney took over

12 06 2009


Soccer I got 10 questions for you

1) Do you like planet cazmo? ANSWER: Yes
2) Why do you not like clubpenguin? ANSWER: I used to like it but I quit because it got boring and im to old for it.
3) Are you a moderator on planetcazmo? ANSWER: No, I am an ambassador, the next highest rank.
4) Are you rich on planet cazmo? ANSWER: I have around 600 cazmo cash and 5,000 coins. So idk.
5) Do you have a car on planet cazmo? ANSWER: Yes and a space ship.
6) How do you become a moderator on Planet cazmo? ANSWER: As of now, normal players can not. To be a moderator i’m pretty sure you have to be older than 18, and you have to apply for the job by calling the company.
7) Do you have all the badges on planet cazmo? ANSWER: Yes I have all the badges.
8) How many pets have you got on clubpenguin and planet cazmo? I have 1 pet right now on cazmo, and like 5 on clubpenguin.
9) How can you earn lots and lots of coins on planet cazmo? ANSWER: Play games like cazmo soccer, and click on money trees. If you sign up to be a member, you get 1,000 coins a month.
10) Are you rich on clubpenguin? ANSWER: I have thousands of coins.

16 06 2009


Well i got more questions for you…… Well Can i have your account if you quit clubpenguin. Im not begging…. ANSWER: No

11)Are you a member on planetcazmo? ANSWER: Yes

12) Are you rare on planetcazmo? ANSWER: Yes!

13) How many Youtube movies did you make? ANSWER: like 5-10.

14) Why do you like planetcazmo? ANSWER: Because it’s a different kind of game where you can chat with friends. It’s got a cool alien theme, and it’s not to overcrowded. Also because it’s fun to blog about, and constantly updated with cool new things, like jet packs coming soon, skatepark, surfboards, and new concerts.

15) If you quit clubpenguin may i have your account? ANSWER: No and I have quit.

16) How can i earn free cazmo cash? ANSWER: By referring friends, doing surveys, and by winning contests on sites like mine. P.S I may have a cazmo cash contest sometime soon……

17) do you go on planecazmo a lot? ANSWER: I used too Until school got harder and more homework. Now I go on alot on summers and weekends.

18) How many cars have you got on planetcazmo? ANSWER 1

19) howmany clothes have you got on planeycazmo? ANSWER: TOO MANY TO COUNT!

20) How many spaceships have you got on planeycazmo? ANSWER: 2-4

16 06 2009


21) how many Websites did you make? ANSWER: So many I can’t count them all. I only use about 10.

22) People say that your name is soccer because you play soccer. Is that true? ANSWER: TRUE

Ok…. these question will not be about planetcazmo but they are going to be funny..

1) Do you eat Chicken? ANSWER: Yes

2) Do you like playing soccer? ANSWER: Yes I LOVE PLAYING SOCCER!!!!
3) Did you ever see a penguin talking? ANSWER: Only on clubpenguin, lol.

4) Are you scared of kittens or other pets? ANSWER: No

5) Are you deathly scared of sharp things? ANSWER: No

6) Do you like reading? ANSWER: I LOVE READING!

7) Do you smash your computer when your very angry? ANSWER: No

8) Do you eat snakes? ANSWER: No

9) Did you ever Say ” Kill me” to an alien? ANSWER: UMM RANDOM, No!

17 06 2009


Lol lol lol lol…..
I got more for you

1) how old are you? ANSWER: Not telling.

2) Are you scared of a scorpion? ANSWER: Yeah I would’nt want to get near one…..

3) Is your real name soccer? ANSWER: No

4) How can you earn free coins on planetcazmo? ANSWER: You can earn free coins by clicking on money trees, and in cazmo wood my clicking the big cash thing in the sulja boy part.

5) are you a boy? ANSWER: Yes


Go on

Chat to me there

18 06 2009


12 07 2009

1) 🙂 Do you eat rubbish from the bin?
2) What is your favourite color?

13 07 2009

wat spaceships can you buy with coins?

23 07 2009

how old do u have 2 b on planet cazmo?

11 08 2009

how do you become a agent

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