Updates Come To Planet Cazmo! (SOCCER & YORK PLEASE READ!!!)

28 03 2009

Soccer posted all the updates that he knew, but Soccer there are a couple more of them whch I included in the post. Also, York remember when you were chatting with me on IM? Well, the person who said Do I Know you was my friend. You see I went down to get a drink, and he was left alone upstairs, so he was joking around by saying that. I then called him downtairs, because we were going ot the park with our parents, and he told me about this over there. I really appologize.

There are some really cool updates that just came to Planet Cazmo. Let me start off with the Mod Quiz. Yup! That’s right! You could now take the Mod quiz (Which is in the newspaper) to see which mod you are like!

Next, you could buy a new car. To get this car, go to the Vehicles Shop. (The Vehicles Shop could be accessed by clicking on the shopping bag icon your chatbar; after doing so you have to click on Vehicles Shop.)

Also now The Strip’s name has changed. It is now called Cruizton City.

There are 2 new hats you could buy from the Hair Shop. (To access the Hair Shop, first click on the shopping bag icon on your chatbar, and then on Hair Shop.)

There is also 1 new pant that you could buy from the Clothing Shop.

And, I don’t know if I posted about this before, but I think there are new shoes.

Finally, there is a new Race Track that could be accesed by clicking on Cruiziton City.


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4 responses

28 03 2009
Nick Name

28 03 2009

Soccer didn’t miss anything! You always do this, Jimbercane.

28 03 2009

lol soccer

28 03 2009

soccer awsume and plaeze get more ppl to look up my site ppl out there click on me and you will go to my site then press join then join it and make your own avetar and make new pages or add on to what i did or just put more vids on it or pics… so soccer plz plz get more ppl to join my site and i will let them be apart of my gang and they can make more websites to the ones i already have and also ppl look up this site victorandmal.webs.com and join that to and u will die of lafter on some of the pictures i have on my site like the begging dog… from mohawkhalowars

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