22 03 2009

Hey guys its tape again. I am having a contest now. Its simple just like the last one. Here are the rules. Create the funniest possible picture you can involving planetcazmo or me [tape]. The winner will recieve a free cazmo and be my buddy or be hey1509s buddy and tapes buddy without a free cazmo. The picture will have to be extremely funny to win. Just email me the picture at or comment it on this post. Good luck and here is the link to my newest music video: enjoy

 ~tape [ if you comment please do it on my site, thanks]



4 responses

22 03 2009

I heard this was the best planet cazmo cheats site around. I don’t play but I want to do a blogroll link with you and my new game “Ninja Strikes” blog.
I’ve already added you too are blogroll our url is please respond.
(Project Head)

22 03 2009
Ambasador Soccer

I dont really want to exchange links because it is bad to make a link exchange to 2 different topics. It’s bad for google ranking. I do have a few cp blogs, but im going to remove all but one.
I’ll advertise you in some posts once in a while if you want.

Ambassador Soccer

Owner of

22 03 2009

I understand. I really appreciate the post advertising thing and will keep you on my blogroll.

22 03 2009
Ambasador Soccer

Cool Thanks For Understanding.

-Ambassador Soccer

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