21 03 2009

Hey guys its tape I am currently making a new page and possible video of funny and cool pictures of planet cazmo. If you have any ideas please comment on this post. Also I made a new music video check it out at my channel and comment here is the link: www.youtube.com/hey1509andstreaker22

And last the script visited planet cazmo today here is a picture:script-pc they were pretty cool.

 C ya



New & Cool Stuff!!!!!!!

21 03 2009

I don’t want to act like I didn’ read Wyse’s post, but Wyse you forgot a couple of things, and that is why this post is here.

Hey guys, there are some awesome upates in Planet Cazmo. Let me start off with the Cazmo Cadet Phone. That’ right! the Cazmo Cadet Phone is here!

If you click on it in your invetory, then it will switch to the cazmo Cadet Phone, and when you click on the phone icon in your chatbar, you will be using the Cazmo Cadet Phone. If you click on it 2 times in your invetory, then when you click on the phone icon in your chatbar, you will be using your normal Cazmo Phone. There is also one new background.

There are also new shoes you could buy at the Clothing Store. Also, sorry for posting so late. It was just that I woke up at like 11 in the morning today.


planet cazmo cheats



21 03 2009

WOOT The Cadet Phone Is Out!!!!!!!!

Well to get it on go to my stuff

The go click on the bead like thingy

And finally u will see the phone if u are a cadet!

if u are not a cazmo cadet then go to the newspaper and take the cadet quiz. If ur cazmo is not 30 days or older u can’t be a cadet.

Here is what the cadet phone looks like


Beta Wyse