Official Planet Cazmo Cadet Center- Launch

12 03 2009

What’s it about?

The OPCCC is to help Spread the World™ and is the Home of the Planet Cazmo Cadets

Why should we join?

You should join to get to talk to all your friends, be part of the Planet Cazmo Cadet community, and help Planet Cazmo Spread the World to be a Cadet

Will we earn prizes?

You will earn the prize of maybe being a cadet, AND also if you participate in our contests you may win prizes!

Can you tell us ways it helps Planet Cazmo and Spread the World?

It is be a website that explains the purpose of the cadets and the requirements of being one… it might also have missions on it soon… It will have forums and some posts to ask questions for help… Also other posts for Major Updates to the Cadets or Planet Cazmo… It can also state the privileges of being a Cadet
There might also be a few pages for Cadets and Ambassadors only to look at.
Also help show ways on how to spread the world and how it will help Planet CazmoAll of these things help Spread the World by Recruiting more Cadets and they go out to Spread the World in all the ways they can.

Copyright Claim

Copyright 2009 ©Official Planet Cazmo Cadet Center
Ownership of the Site and Idea goes to Cent (Ambassador 100%) and Goop (Ambassador Goopergoop)



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