Mods Needed For My Chatbox!

7 03 2009

If you have finished reading this post, then click here to visit my chatbox.

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. I am giving you all a great oppurtunity to make it to the big shots. Well, as most of you know, I also have a chatbox. Lots of people go in it, and some people don’t follow the rules. I am not always on to moderate what is going on, so I will need a couple of mods to help me do the moderating. There are 5 spots open. If you would like to become a mod, all you have to do is this:

Don’t beg in any form

Follow the rules

Log on to my chatbox alot

Get alot of people to join my chatbox

Explain what you will do if you were made a mod by me

If you are already following these rules, then all of you have to do is comment saying why you want to become a mod. If your response is good, I will set up a time for you to log on to my chatbox, and then make you a mod. (This I will tell you by emailing you, so don’t forget to mention your email in the comment!) If you are someone close to me, then all you have to do is ask me in Planet Cazmo to make you a mod, and then I will. But we will have to set up a time.

planet cazmo cheats




3 responses

7 03 2009

Jimbercane, You can tottally count on me for being a mod. I will never kick or ban ppl for no reason and I know all the rules by memory. I have never been banned on your chat and I will log on to it everyday from now on

Neeko 24 🙂

8 03 2009

Hey Jimbercane you know how much i like planet cazmo and i try to keep it safe well if you make me a mod i will take care of it and log on it almost every one hour you can count on me!

22 08 2009

Ill be a mod my sister is a mod for cp and i know how to be a good one 😀

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