More Updates!

27 02 2009

Hey guys Jimbercane over here. Didn’t post for a while; well anyways, there are a couple of updates, let me start off with a new Newspaper. Yes, the Newspaper has been updated, because now on the bottom it states that there are new badges.

The next 2 updates, I think only I noticed. The first one is that the member button has chaged, and the second one is that the Page which has the Suggestion Box has changed.

Another update is that now you could create parties!

And finally, there are a couple of new backgrounds.

planet cazmo cheats




4 responses

27 02 2009


Neeko 24 🙂

28 02 2009
PCAP Champions

jim those backgorunds hgav beeen there 4 a while

28 02 2009

Hey Jimbercane, the backgrounds aren’t new at all. They came like 2 months ago.

28 02 2009

the backrounds arent new like mute said.

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