Planet Cazmo Badges Guide

21 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

Planet Cazmo badges came out on Friday. There really cool, and you are probably wondering how to get them all. Well, You’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the badges you can get:



How to unlock all the planet cazmo badges:

Noob= A Cazmo for 0 – 14 days
Playa= A Cazmo for 2 -6 weeks
Rocker= A Cazmo for 6 weeks – 1 year
Superstar= A Cazmo for more than 1 year.

Other Badges:

Ambassador-You have to be chosen by planet cazmo to become an ambassador, (you have to have a planet cazmo blog with at least 100-1,000 or more hits.

        Cpc- Not available yet.

          Possible Moderator badge– Not available yet, and most likely will never be available for regular cazmos.

           Yellow Blue Badge- (In picture above)  Not Available yet. It may possibly be a quest badge.


How Rare Badges are:

Noob– Not rare

Playa– Not very rare, but more rare than noob.

Rocker– Pretty rare

Super Star– Very rare

Ambassador Badge- Super, Ultra Rare!


Cazmo Badge News

Many more badges coming soon,

Quest badges and more!

Possible Badge Cheats:

Change the time on your computer using the guide above.

This has not been tested yet, but it should give you all the badges!

Much More news on badges and more soon!


-Ambassador Soccer







3 responses

22 02 2009
regirgitate PC

Hey Soccer, Havent seen you in a while. Im trying to become an ambassador. Please help me advertise my site!

23 02 2009
PCAP Tannerlejord

soccer can u work on my site comment on it and i will add u

19 07 2009

ive got cpc and what about beta user i got that 2

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