Awesome Planet Cazmo Updates

20 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

The Updates today were very good.


First, The Planet Cazmo Badges are Here! There so Cool. I’m still not sure how to get the cpc badge, I guess it isn’t possible yet. The guy at the town hall said we may need you again, so thats the reason why most likely.



New Planet Cazmo Pet Features are here!

( I think they are from the last update, )

Pet Toys


Pet Accessories



New Front Page of Newspaper

Jeff and Torgo are rescued At Last!



Finish the Save the Mods Quest

Go to the town square.


Then, talk to the Zib guy whos eating a donut and getting fat.

Jeff and Torgo are there and are dancing around.

He will try to tell you whats happens.

He then lets you see a youtube video on what happened, torgos catfish did something amazing. ( It makes a great funny pic if you take it in time.)



For your reward, you get a rare poster.

Thats all for now.


Please  Tell me, your favorite one, and how long you have been waiting for them. And what party item is your favorite.

Ambassador Soccer,







10 responses

20 02 2009
Ambasador Soccer

Hey Guys. Im here.

20 02 2009
Ambasador Soccer

I’ll log in to beat street in a little while

20 02 2009
Ambasador Soccer


20 02 2009
Ambasador Soccer

My favorite badge is the ambassadors badge one. My favorite party items are the big wand and the blue star thing. Tell me your favorite items!

21 02 2009

For the sake of google — and for my Club Penguin site, I will rarely link to other sites, even Club Penguin sites. Although I am working on my blogroll – which randomly generates links, I may not add pc blogs.

But I’m a Club Penguin site.\

21 02 2009

im kinda a little dissapointed with the ‘jeff and torgo’ because that torgo is not prgrammed to sing my happy bday =( xD

21 02 2009

me, not my**
haha cant see the words in the little comment thing…

8 03 2009

hi im called Rhysg9 on both planet cazmo and club penguin and i hope i get to met u soccer

8 03 2009

and king pin

4 12 2009

you stink from cazmo!

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