Planet Cazmo Directory

16 02 2009


Hey Guys. Soccer here.
I have made something really cool. I made a planet cazmo directory. This site will help every cazmo blog get hits and get noticed. You must have alot of questions. I’ll explain the best I can.
It’s a very basic site, but it should work. What you do is you visit the sign up page, and click all the links that are already there. I have a way in the dashboards to see if people are clicking the links or not. If they do, I can see, and they will be added to the directory.
The more members, the more hits everyone will get. It will help smaller cazmo blogs get noticed.
I am also making a page where I can put your banners, so that page will be a visual directory.
Each day come and click the links and banners to visit the sites, and the other cazmos will do the same.
If enough people sign up, everyone could get alot of hits. This is a wordpress blog, and rather simple design. It’s in beta, so I’m still testing everything.
I know you still have alot of questions.
Visit the site and comment on the about page if you have any questions.
Comment here as well.
Thank You
Ambassador Soccer




13 responses

16 02 2009

I CAME HERE 9 times1! sign me up

17 02 2009

I clicked on this Site, Sign Me Up Too, xD.

17 02 2009

hey soccer kool site. im loveing the planet cazmo directiory. i think it will be a big hit.
-Ambassador Wind-

17 02 2009


17 02 2009

I’m gonnav post dis everywhere and jopin!


17 02 2009

Hey Soccer tampos here can i be worker on your site?

19 02 2009

Hay soccer its darkbiker77 just wanted to remind you about adding my site to your list on your blog. Thanks for the comment you rock.


19 02 2009

hey its tomatoe, i was wondering im not going to copy u but whats the backround??

20 02 2009

Go check out darkbiker77 army I really would like you to join


20 02 2009

Hey soccer can u add me to ur site u dotn have to but why arent u on pc lately?

20 02 2009
K!nG \/\/y$e-Ch!p$

Hes Richcooldude.

SOCCER’S EDIT: NO, I’m not. That person is a WHOLE other cazmo who I am friends with. OK? I have not been on because I’m busy with school and sports, and have very little time for computer.

20 02 2009
Ambasador Soccer


I’m Not on pc because I am busy. Stop spreading that roomer or how ever u spell it.

I’ll get back to everyone soon
-Ambassador Soccer

21 02 2009

Hey Soccer and Jim, I would love to work here with you. I’m great at posting and I post the updates right when they happen. It would be awesome to work here with you if you want to add me my email is


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