15 02 2009

hey guys! Im having a party for all the cazmos on feb. 21 2009. Its at the top right corner of the beach and its going to be great! tell everyone

-daballer PCAP #31 (the time is 10 AM PST (pacific) )


15 02 2009

this is richard please visit my site i need hits.


A New Item In My Invetory!

15 02 2009

Hey guys, this is Jimbercane posting again. When I was looking in my invetory today, I found a new shirt! It was called the White Tee! I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but if it is not, that means a mod gave me this item since I was behaving myself on Planet Cazmo!

That’s right! If this is not a glitch, then a mod could have only given this item to me since I behaved! So remember; the next time you behave, a mod will give you an item!

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