14 02 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There are some really cool changes in Planet Cazmo; let me start off with giving gifts. Yes! That’s right! you could now give gifts to Cazmos! To give a gift, just click on someone playercard, and click on the button which contains a giftbox in it.

Next, if you get a player to join Planet Cazmo, (using the instructions in the Newspaper) you get 200 Cazmo Coins plus 100 Cazmo Cash!

Next, there is a new action!

Next, you could brush your pet with a comb!

Also, there is a new pet that you could buy in the Pet Store.

And finally, the Pet Store has been added to the Shop Button on the chatbar.

Also, don’t forget to check back in Planet Cazmo at 2:00 pm Planet Cazmo time in Beatstreet! Know why? because that’s when you could start Mimo’s new quest!

planet cazmo cheats




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