Planet Cazmo Mimo Quest Guide

14 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here. Here is a guide to the mimo quest.


By Soccer

1. To Start the quest, go to the cazmo club area and talk to the bull standing out side of it. Click on the blue ball to get started with the quest.

2. Next, He will ask you to find 2 items.


( Located at the Lake)



Energy Drink

( Located at the play ground)



3. After finding these 2 items, report back to the bull located out side the cazmo club. He will be very happy, and will reward you with “star tee shirt.”

Your not done yet!

4. The bull will ask you to find 4 more items.

The Cat

(Located at the Body Shop near the top)



The Gold Zib

(Located at the Top Left Corner of the space port)



The Cell Phone

(Located out side the garage)



5.  Report Back to The Bull. He will be even more excited, and will give you the “mimo hat.”

CONGRADULATIONS! If you followed this guide then you should have complete the planet cazmo mimo quest  and received the two special items.



1.  If you completed the quest, and don’t know where the items are, they are right in your inventory.

The Star Shirt should be at the top of the clothing inventory

The Mimo Hat should be somewhere near the top of the hat inventory.

2. How to get the Items: If you have trouble getting them in to your quest item inventory, you need to walk through the item completely , or else you won’t get it. If you only click on the item, you won’t get it.


3.  The Mimo Party is in server beatstreat, at the bottom right tile where alot of people are.


If You have any other questions, comment below!

More Planet Cazmo Quest Guides coming soon!



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14 02 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane posting. There are some really cool changes in Planet Cazmo; let me start off with giving gifts. Yes! That’s right! you could now give gifts to Cazmos! To give a gift, just click on someone playercard, and click on the button which contains a giftbox in it.

Next, if you get a player to join Planet Cazmo, (using the instructions in the Newspaper) you get 200 Cazmo Coins plus 100 Cazmo Cash!

Next, there is a new action!

Next, you could brush your pet with a comb!

Also, there is a new pet that you could buy in the Pet Store.

And finally, the Pet Store has been added to the Shop Button on the chatbar.

Also, don’t forget to check back in Planet Cazmo at 2:00 pm Planet Cazmo time in Beatstreet! Know why? because that’s when you could start Mimo’s new quest!

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