Secret Valentine’s Day Party

13 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. There is a Secret Valentine’s day Party this Saturday. You should have gotten the planet cazmo news letter in your email a short while ago. It has all the info.  Here it is below.
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Saturday February 14th!!!

We are having a SPECIAL Valentine’s Day Party with our friend Mimo! But this is no ordinary party …. it’s a SECRET PARTY!!!
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS! The party is in a secret location. How do you find it?
1. At the time below go to the BEATSTREET server.
2. Then go to CLUB CAZMO.
3. Now talk to “Bouncing Bill.”(pictured below)



4. He will give you instructions on how to begin a special MIMO QUEST!
5. Solve the Mimo Quest and get special prizes! You will also find out the secret location of the Mimo Valentine’s Day Party!

Key Facts:

WHEN: Saturday, February 14th 2 PM – 5 PM EST, 1 PM – 4 PM, CST 11 AM – 2 PM PST. Mimo and others will be waiting for you!

WHERE: Beatstreet Server (talk to Bouncing Bill!)
WHY?: Cuz it’s going to be fun!!!


Valentine’s Day is here!

Decorate your homes with these great new Valentine’s Day house items! And now for the first time EVER for home items … go sit on them! Yup!!!


New Valentine’s Day Clothes  – Dress up and hit the town in style!



New Pet … and, new pet features!
Grooming: Now all pets can be pet! Check it out!
Fetch: And yes, your pets will play fetch now, just look out, most eat the ball!

The Razor Pony is here!


Home Dimension: Vantia 8
Favorite ice resurfacer: Zamboni
Allergic to: Fantasy Football
You can pet their tail, or stroke their nose, but stay away from that 
mane!  It’s razor sharp! Razor Ponies have an infectious giggle and 
love black-and-white TV Shows.


As always – Spread The World!
Planet Cazmo
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Thats it for now.


-Soccer (Owner of the site)