Yung Berg Concert!

28 02 2009

Today I was at the Cazmo rena, and I noticed that Yung Berg was giving a concert!

Before the concert when I was at the playground, I got this message:

planet cazmo cheats


Planet Cazmo Commercial

28 02 2009

Hey Guys, Soccer here.

Planet Cazmo Has a made a cool Commerical. Check it out!

Offical Planet Cazmo Commercial


It’s a pretty cool video. Well, check back for the latest planet cazmo news!


-Ambassador Soccer


More Updates!

27 02 2009

Hey guys Jimbercane over here. Didn’t post for a while; well anyways, there are a couple of updates, let me start off with a new Newspaper. Yes, the Newspaper has been updated, because now on the bottom it states that there are new badges.

The next 2 updates, I think only I noticed. The first one is that the member button has chaged, and the second one is that the Page which has the Suggestion Box has changed.

Another update is that now you could create parties!

And finally, there are a couple of new backgrounds.

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My site

27 02 2009

Hey guys its tape. I have recently opened up a site you can visit and check out. I really need a good start so please come visit it and comment. Here is the link:


New Domain Name

25 02 2009

Hey Cazmos, Soccer here.

I just got a new domain name which means, you can get to this site another way.

You can get to this site by visiting:


Thats all for now.

More New Coming Soon!

-Ambassador Soccer


This is real

24 02 2009

Planet Cazmo Badges Guide

21 02 2009

Hey Cazmos. Soccer here.

Planet Cazmo badges came out on Friday. There really cool, and you are probably wondering how to get them all. Well, You’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the badges you can get:



How to unlock all the planet cazmo badges:

Noob= A Cazmo for 0 – 14 days
Playa= A Cazmo for 2 -6 weeks
Rocker= A Cazmo for 6 weeks – 1 year
Superstar= A Cazmo for more than 1 year.

Other Badges:

Ambassador-You have to be chosen by planet cazmo to become an ambassador, (you have to have a planet cazmo blog with at least 100-1,000 or more hits.

        Cpc- Not available yet.

          Possible Moderator badge– Not available yet, and most likely will never be available for regular cazmos.

           Yellow Blue Badge- (In picture above)  Not Available yet. It may possibly be a quest badge.


How Rare Badges are:

Noob– Not rare

Playa– Not very rare, but more rare than noob.

Rocker– Pretty rare

Super Star– Very rare

Ambassador Badge- Super, Ultra Rare!


Cazmo Badge News

Many more badges coming soon,

Quest badges and more!

Possible Badge Cheats:

Change the time on your computer using the guide above.

This has not been tested yet, but it should give you all the badges!

Much More news on badges and more soon!


-Ambassador Soccer






21 02 2009

Hey guys, I was looking around in my invetory to wear something different, when all of a sudden I found a Snowman -Green hat! I know that a mod gave it to me, because it did’t come with any quest, and I never bought it. I most probably got it, because the last couple of days I was being really nice to Cazmos. And just incase your wondering, yes, if your nice a mod does give an item to you.

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Pretty Cool Updates & A Sneak Peak!

21 02 2009

First off, to complete the Jeff And Torgo Quest, you must go to the Town Hall, and talk to the Zib over there. He will show you a video, and after that he will give you a special Jeff And Torgo Poster for your house!

Next, you could go to a new Star’s House! And that star’s name is…. Lisa Lefteye Lopez!

 The Newspaper has been updated. On the front page, it says ‘Jeff And Torgo Rescued!!’

And finally, here is a sneak peak I got since I am an ambassador. It’s about having your own party! That’ right! You will be able to decorate the room where your having your party in!

planet cazmo cheats



21 02 2009

Hello cazmos, Spiros is here

I had thought to quit the game for ever but i won’t do it and some of you, you saw the post in my site but i want to say I AM NOT QUITING.

The only reason that make me want to quit is that i dont have time to open the computer cause of  homework and other hobbies.


I want some good editors to posting in a site which have 50,000 views and with the url because we want to make betacazmo a team of  good editors so the site can still be as helpful as before. I make and a fault the old team  had 5 people and only the 2 were working(Tampos and Beta omer) the others they only puplished 2 posts( CRAB AND NADO)


comment below so i can take your email and add you as an author.The team will release in 1 week from today.