Glitches Glitches GLITCHES!!!

25 01 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane again. Today I was on Planet Cazmo, and I found 2 more glitches! The first one is that when you try to go to a mod’s house, it will show 2 names of each mod.

The ambassador houses glitch is still not fixed, and the Yogurt Crisps that the new NPC gives you, you have to feed Torgo’s pet catfish. So when I went to his house to feed the catfish the yogurt crisps, he was not there! I hope these glitches will be fixed soon.

planet cazmo cheats




7 responses

25 01 2009

torgos catfish is with the zib out side of the town hall

-daballer PCAP #31

25 01 2009

The Catfish is at the Town Hall.

26 01 2009

there is now 3 mod names in that menu

26 01 2009
Planet Cazmo Cheats

What’s with all the glitches? Hopefully they are fixed soon.

28 01 2009

hey everyone Im back!! Come to my website ASAP I have a compeptition and details of my return!!!


31 01 2009

Hey Atlas Welcome Back. Now U could start posting on my site again.


1 02 2009
Reb A(Mimo)

Torgo’s Catfish is @ town hall beside Zib!!

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