A thumbs up production

22 01 2009

This is a new thing I might start doing, it’s where i dance to music with my thumbs! Crazy, eh?



Also pc are goin mad with new vids, check out there utube channel



5 responses

23 01 2009

Visit us:
SOCCER’S EDIT: Hi. I’m Soccer the owner of this site. Thanks for Visiting!

24 01 2009

hi im tomatoe from planetcazmo i have just made a new site i was wondering if i could ask you a fiew questions about your blog caus ei just made one and its my first wordpress blog i would love if you could help thank you

24 01 2009

lol heeeeyyyyy,

i dont know if you hate me or not (been awile)

just thought i would say hi, i think you have the highest viewed pc blog but idk

24 01 2009

oh it seems im loged into bestplanetcazmocheatsandglitches

24 01 2009

Cool, One Question, Do you have to Pay to get an CSS Code?
I tried tu Put on the Ctum Header Code, But I Cant.
Thanks, Cool Blog!
SOCCER’S EDIT: Hi i’m soccer the owner of this blog. As you probably know, you have to pay for css. If you have bought css, I can help you with it. Just Comment Back.

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