Planet Cazmo Fails

20 01 2009

Hey Cazmos. I’m making a new page about “planet cazmo fails” If You know what I’m talking about, read on, but if you don’t, please visit


I’m searching for the best funny pictures about planet cazmo. Some of the fails will be my own pictures, some will be other peoples, and some will be from the fail blog, edited with planet cazmo things. The ones that are not mine, I will give credit to the creator. I’ve had alot of fun making them. I hope you enjoy them.





Credit to






These are just some of the many fails i’ll be making 🙂


DO you like making funny pictures or fails?

Wanna Help?

Then Comment Below!


Finally, I might make a blog about them. It’s time for a poll!

What should the blog be called?





Tell Me What You Think!



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New Cazmo Of The Week

20 01 2009

Hey Cazmos. I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, it’s Soccer. I’m back from a ….. secret…….. long………… break………… Anyway, I would like to thank all my authors, Jim, Spiros, Markus, and Wyse for posting while I was away.I’m back and ready to post, I think.

There is a new cazmo of the week, and his name is……. MikeX

Congratz MikeX!!!!

In Other News,

Pets are coming soon, there has been new shoes for a while, theres a new way to pay for membership and cazmo cash, and now planet cazmo is giving gifts!

Theres alot more happening, I just need to catch up.


Thank You


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