New Cazmo Phone Skin Colors & New Shoes!

17 01 2009

Today new skin colors came out for our Cazmo Phones! If you would like to purchase one, go to talk to Phrux The Fox

Also, there are Shoes that you could buy.

Also, I’m almost finished with the Party Video! Keep checking back, because I will post it today!

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New Newsletter!

17 01 2009

January 2009
Monthly Update Newsletter!

HEADLINES – Help Save Jeff and Torgo!   The new Quest has arrived!


Greetings from Planet Cazmo!
The time has come in case you haven’t heard!!!!!(shhhhh!). We are calling on every Cazmo! We need your help! Go talk to Mama Caz outside the hair & hat shop, and start the new Quest to help save our beloved moderators (who as you may know, were abducted by suspicious aliens sometime ago!) Viva La Resistance!


New Features 


Its still the giving season on Planet Cazmo. Cazmos who are seen helping out new players,or performing random acts of kindness, will be randomly awarded random surprise gifts! The gifts will be changing all the time, so be good all the time! Did we mention they will be random?

“I got some NEW shoes on ….”
Stop by Peter Panda’s Clothing Shop and buy a new pair of shoes! Straight from the cobbler to your Cazmo’s feet! 

New Cell Phone Skins for Members!
Check ’em out at Phrux’s store in Town Square in the next day or so!:
We are excited to announce that Planet Cazmo is now accepting PayByCash, one of the leading forms of payment online and for online games! We hope this makes many of you happy!

Coming Soon – PETS!!!!!!
We have been working very hard acquiring rare and exotic alien pet lifeforms from across the galaxy in need of homes … for all Cazmos! Many of you have asked if there will be pets for non-members. The answer is … yes! But indeed, most will be for members only. Become a Cazmo Member today and help support Cazmo, and soon you will have access to these super cool new pets!