Zibs arrived at the Town Hall+an underworld sneak peak

13 01 2009

Hello cazmos,

The Zibs have arrived at the Town Hall today and we still wait some weeks so all the cazmos can notice the new quest and complete it and then the part 2 of the quest will begin! Here is a picture:


This sneak peak image has been out for a while but I thought ut would be nice if I shared it with all of you! We are going to be able to buy a submarine, go into the underwater world and play a new game that is coming! Go ahead post it in your site and give me a credit!

Here is the underworld sneak peak:


Also if you haven’t complete the new quest click here for the quest guide! Oh yea and my new channel for planet cazmo is ready to begin making videos, a new music video is on the way 🙂

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร!



7 responses

14 01 2009

hey!! How r u? just wanted 2 say thanx 4 all the hard work u put into this site! U ROCK!!

14 01 2009


15 01 2009

Hey! Soccer, can you add me to your blog roll? Ill add you to mine right now, im really low on hits… 😦 I think its because i dont have enought money to be able to buy CSS… idk all the sites with CSS seem to be getting more popular than the sites with out them…. Its making me sad, ohh well ill have to live with it…

15 01 2009

Oooo, btw im metalica, its http://www.planetcazmoblondes.wordpress.com and i know you’ll delete this comment cause sometimes people dont like other people doing that. Thanks soccer bye

15 01 2009

Soc, can you please tell halo to check her email…?

26 07 2009

today i went to the town hall no zibz there and im a cpc

26 07 2009

can anyone answer me no zibs i cant see them

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