New Quest Glitch!

2 01 2009

Hey guys this is Jimbercane. Toay when I went to see if the Quest button had any updates, it looked very weird. I tried to close it, but it wouldn’t even close! I think this is a glitch made by Planet Cazmo, since they are trying to test out the new upcomin quest, and if you ask me we will have to complete the quest to save Jeff and Torgo. My proof is this: Since they have been abducted by aliens, I saw the word Alien when this glitch was happening!

planet cazmo cheats




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2 01 2009

Hi my name is Sillyman! I have made a widget that tell what and where a new item is in Planet Cazmo. It auto puts a new free itwm up so there is now fuss of putting up a new one after a new one. You can go to this link ( ) and get it FREE. Also if you are one of the frist 10 people to put it on their site I will add you to my blogroll!

Thank you for your time to read this message.


3 01 2009

Ummm… I also is GG as EGG maybe for the Egg Quest, That was Crabs Idea xD

3 01 2009
black wolf (not logged in)

Yeah, I see emerald egg above it, so we need to get that, and right next to alien is Jeff

3 01 2009

Well theres a new video from them.

4 01 2009

LOL my brother wolfyman discovered that a couple of months ago.

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