The Newspaper Has Been Updated

22 12 2008

Hey guys Jimbercane over here. Today the Newspaper got updated, and it states, that every 2 Cazmos you get into Planet Cazmo, (There are instructions to this) you get free 100 cazmo Cash! If you already started activating Cazmo’s then your in the contest to win a Wii!!! Isn’t this awesome?!

planet cazmo cheats


It’s an awards ceremony, without a fancy host!

22 12 2008

Hey Cazmoz!

Get ready for the night of your life (or whatever time it is in cazmo) because on the 31st Decemeber 2008, it’s time for the….


Server: Beatstreet

Time:7:00PM BST British Standard

2:00PM US Eastern

Where: Cazmo club

Work out your time at

Host: Markus

Camera Man: Tape

Thats mostly all you need to know, but more suprises to come…

Spread the word….

The Planet Cazmo Gang


Planet Cazmo High Speed Chase #1

22 12 2008

Hey Cazmos. Today I started a cazmo video series called Planet Cazmo High Speed Chase. It’s where Cazmos chase and race against other cazmos in space. The First Video was a test version, so it’s pretty short.

Planet Cazmo High Speed Chase #1

By Soccer Featuring Halogirl


These Planet Cazmo Videos will be located in 4 different Places, (Lol). The Locations are,

1. This Site,



4. Soon to be,

Mabey a fifth site as well.


I will be making alot more videos, along with tape, as we think of cool ideas.


Soccer, Owner of